What a Payroll Admin Needs to Generate Payroll

Download the PDF version of this checklist here – PayrollHero’s Payroll Generation Checklist

Everyone finds doing payroll tedious and dull. PayrollHero aims to relieve this by automating the whole process. But it isn’t doing anything magical, it does require certain information from you before it can do all its calculations. Here is a checklist of the things our system needs from you before it can generate your payroll.

Items Required

Once you have set up the items above, here are a few reminders and best practices:  

Employee Status

  • Update Resigned or Separated employees using Transition Wizard
  • Setting resigned employees to “Separated” also removes the active employees for your billing.

New Hires (Generating payroll mid cut off period)

  • When hiring employees, it is best to get them to start on the first day of your cut off period instead of mid cut off. This way, there are less adjustments or discrepancies when generating payroll.
  • If you would like to generate the payroll of the new hires based on their employment date that started in the middle of the cut off, make sure to set their pay mode to “Hourly” and then just update this to “Monthly” for the next cut off.
  • Another option is to leave the pay mode to either MONTHLY or SALARY, and then set the days that they haven’t worked yet to UNPAID DAY OFF.
  • Once you have updated the pay mode. Please also double check the following effectivity dates and make sure it is set at the START the pay period:
    • Employee’s position
    • Employee type
    • Payment Method
    • Enrollments


So let’s say your pay period is 26th-10th, and the employee’s employment date is 28th, what you would need to do is set the dates to January 26th.

After this, you should be able to generate the payrolls for your new hires.

Once you have generated the payrolls, you can revert back to the effective dates so you have correct records.

Employee Payments

  • Check the effectivity dates of the following:
    • Allowances
    • Payments

How to Generate Payroll

  1. Go to the Employee list page.
  2. Select the employees you want to generate a payroll for.
  3. Above the select all link there is a menu. ensure that it is set to Generate Payroll.
  4. Next to the menu you will see two date fields. Choose the start and end date of your pay period
  5. Click the “Do it” Button.
  6. You will be redirected to the ‘Payrolls Page’
  7. You will see all employees that you have selected to generate the payroll for.
  8. Then you may select the employee/s that you want to Notify, Lock, Unlock, Regenerate, or Reset or Destroy their Payroll for.
  9. Click “Go” to confirm action that you have chosen.

After Payroll Generation

  • Once the payroll is generated and already paid out to the employee… It is best to “PUBLISH” the payrolls first before finalizing. This way employees can view their payslips and if they have any disputes, the HR or Payroll admin can still make corrections.
  • If you have “Finalized” the payrolls already, this means that it is already locked and it cannot be regenerated or deleted anymore.
  • The only way you can make changes once a payroll is finalized/locked is by creating an adjustment payment on the next payroll (cut off).

Download the PDF version of this checklist here – PayrollHero’s Payroll Generation Checklist


If you have questions and suggestions, don’t hesitate to message us at support@payrollhero.com.

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