Generating Payroll for Employees who Started on the Middle of Pay Period

For newly hired employees, it is best to get them to start on the first day of your cut off period instead of mid cut off. This way, there are less adjustments or discrepancies when generating payroll.

If you want to generate the payroll of your new hires based on their Employment Date that started in the middle of the cut off you have to change the following effectivity dates and make sure it is set at the START DATE of the pay period:

  • Employee’s Position
  • Employee type
  • Payment Method
  • Enrollments


Let’s say your pay period is 26th-10th, and the employee’s employment date is 28th, what you would need to do is set the dates to 26th. 

After this, you should be able to generate the payrolls for your new hires.

Once you have generated the payrolls, you can revert back to the effective dates so you have correct records.

*Note: Also check the effectivity dates of the Allowances & Payments. Lastly, resolve and publish attendance.

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