Release Note: Enhancement: Enrollments

This was actually quite shocking, there was no validation preventing these from being deleted when there is payments attached to them Previously it would just attempt to delete as much as it can (any employee Enrollments, etc), and it would leave the Payment records in a broken state. Now it […]

TeamClock v6.1.1

We just released a new version of the TeamClock In this version: A new permission was added in PayrollHero to only allow certain employees to be authorized to log in on TeamClock Anyone logging in on TeamClock will show all employees, not just their own subordinates. This was done to solve two […]

Update: Lucy – January 3, 2017

Two things have been deployed: The “found a new employee” conversation has been revised. Major changes: Philippine conversations is now a single SMS directing them to the Facebook page Others have been revised When an employee clocks in with Lucy, this clocking can now be identified as a Lucy Clocking