Frequently Asked Questions for Employees with Regular Employee Access

On this page you will find frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to having a “Regular Employee” access (system permission) on your PayrollHero account.

How do I access my PayrollHero account?

How do I clock in on my PayrollHero account?

  • You can clock in via the MyClock page.
  • You can learn more about on our support article here – How to use MyClock Web?

Where can I see my Payslips?

  • You can see the 3 recent payslips on the Dashboard once you log in on your PayrollHero account.
  • You can view ALL your payslips via the Payrolls tab on the My Profile page.
  • You can learn more on this via our support article here – How Can I View My Paystub / Payslip?

How can I request for a leave?

  • Click on the Leave Management Tab on your PayrollHero account.
    (If there is no Leave Management tab on your PayrollHero account, please contact your HR.)

    • The first page you’ll see is an option for you to request for a leave. You can learn more about this on our support article here – How to Apply for a Leave
  • Other features that your Leave Management can do:
    • View your Leave History
    • View your Leave Credits/Balance.
    • Receive email notifications if your leave is approved/rejected.
    • Request for half day leaves.
    • Request for specific leave types (Vacation or Sick Leaves)

Can I update my Profile photo?

  • Unfortunately, no. If you need to update your profile photo, please contact your HR.

What device requirements should I have to clock in and out in PayrollHero?

What does having “Regular Employee” system permission mean?

  • This means that your system permission or access level within PayrollHero is limited to the basic features that a Regular Employee may have.

What features does a “Regular Employee” system permission have?

  • Dashboard
    • View the Employee’ Profile Photo, Name, Position and Employee Type
    • View 3 Recent Payslips
    • View or Upload Requirements for HR
  • MyClock
    • View your schedule for the day
    • Clock in and out
    • Take breaks
    • View current and past clock in and out photos
  • Leave Management
    • Request for a leave
      • View current leave balance/credits
      • Request for either full day or half day leave
    • See your leave history

If employees click on the “My Profile” on the top right corner where a drop down menu is located with your name on it, you can view the following features:

  • Contact Info
    • This is where you can update your contact information details.
    • Anything you update here goes to your HR for verification.
  • Payrolls
    • View ALL payslips (not just the 3 recent ones)
  • Achievements
    • View bonuses
    • View position change (salary increase)
  • Change Username/Password
    • To update your username and password
  • Setup two factor authentication
    • For additional security, you can setup the “Two Factor Authentication (2fa)” on your PayrollHero account.
  • Forms
    • View Government forms
    • View Certificates of Contribution
    • View Employee Letters (ie certification of employment etc)


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