TeamClock Clocking Queue

TeamClock (version 7.0 and higher) will now add clocking jobs to the queue for background sending. However, this doesn’t mean the app works offline. It only means it would be able to handle intermittent internet connection. Features This feature will reduce the screen time on the clocking page and will […]

How to generate the 13th Month Pay in PayrollHero?

According to the DOLE handbook (Revised 2016), the basic salary of an employee for the purpose of computing the 13th month pay shall include all remunerations or earnings paid by his employer for services rendered. It does not include allowances and monetary benefits which are not considered or integrated as part of the regular […]

How to change an employee’s system permission?

How to change an employee’s system permission? Log in to your PayrollHero Click on Employees Click on Employee List Click “Edit” Once you are on the Profile edit page, look for the system permissions drop down and select the preferred access.   The drop down will show the list of […]