PayrollHero Password Policy Updates

PayrollHero have increased our security in line with our existing policies.  Below are the list of updates we’ve made on the system.

New Security Standard: Less than 2 year old passwords could not be reused

  • Any password that has been used for at most 2 years could not be reused.
  • This avoids passwords that could have been compromised in the past by social engineering or other means.
  • Since managers could no longer set password for their employees, employees now will have to set their own passwords.
  • This ensures that no 3rd party person knows anybody’s password.

Only the user themselves are the ones who can set their password

  • Admins would no longer be able to set passwords for their employees.
  • This eliminates the a 3rd person from knowing another person’s password and impersonating them in the system.

Stricter Password Policy: Expiring Password

  • Users are not allowed to log in to PayrollHero’s core app with an expired password.
  • The password duration could be set at /setup/account/edit.
  • This is currently by request, if you would like this to be enabled on your account, please email us at

Password re-use prevention

  • When reseting passwords, it is now ensured to not match any password used in the past 2 years.
  • This helps users avoid passwords that might have been compromised in the past by social engineering.

Lockout by 6 password failed attempts

  • The system now tracks how many consecutive incorrect passwords has been attempted and lock out the user forcing them to change their password.

30 minutes auto logout

  • The users are now logged out automatically after 30 minutes instead of one hour.


How NEW Employees can Reset their Password

Here’s a video on what your employees would get once you’ve added their profile on your PayrollHero account – Resetting the password for New Employees


How to Reset the Password?

Here’s a video to show how you can reset the password via the Login page of your PayrollHero account – Resetting the password


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 



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