System Permissions

This is where you give employees different levels of access to your company account.


There 3 default system permissions on your account:

  • Account Owner
    This system permission has FULL access to everything on the account, including deleting items, attendance, and payroll.
  • Payroll Administrator
    Similar to “account owner” but Payroll Administrators are limited in their ability to delete payroll and company data.
  • Regular Employee
    This system permission has limited access to the system. It is usually given to rank and file employees. It can only access the following:

      • Where they can view their name, Position and Employee Type
      • View 3 recent Payslips/Paystub (If payroll is enabled)
      • Check on the status of their Requirements
    • MY CLOCK:
      • My Clock page to clock in/out
      • Time Card & Accruals, where they can see their attendance status
      • Schedule, where they can view their schedules.
      • Where they can see their own “Attendance Stats” vs the company average
      • Company Attendance Leaderboard, an overview of employees who are always early and with a perfect attendance.
      • Weather and Daily Commute Stats

If they click on the “My Profile” on the top right corner where a drop down menu is located with their name on it:

  •  They can update the contact info
  •  Change their username/password
  • See their achievements/bonuses
  • Setup two factor authentication
  • Notifications tab

Frequently Asked Questions:

Location of system permissions

  • Login to your PayrollHero Account
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on “System Permissions”
  • Click on “Add a new system permission”


What are the options given to a system permission?

  • No Access – cannot view or edit
  • Has Access – can only view the feature but cannot edit it.
  • Can Edit – can view and edit
  • Can Create – can view, edit and create
  • Can Delete – can view, edit, create and delete

What are the 3 categories on the system permissions?

How to change an employee’s system permission?

  • Log in to your PayrollHero
  • Click on Employees
  • Click on Employee List
  • Click “Edit”


  • Once you are on the Profile edit page, look for the system permissions drop down and select the preferred access.



  • The drop down will show the list of System Permissions that you set up.



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