How can I track my own attendance?

On this article you will learn how you can keep track of your registered shifts on PayrollHero.

To view your registered clockings:

Log in to your PayrollHero web account then,

  1. Go to MyClock Menu.
  2. Click on “Time Card & Accruals” Submenu.


You will be presented with a calendar screen similar to the one on this screenshot:


On this calendar you can view per month:

  • Days marked as Absent.
  • Registered Clock Ins and Clock Outs.
  • If there is an unresolved attendance infraction
  • Regular and Special Holidays (Above the Status Bar)
  • if the attendance has been resolved and or adjusted (Status bar will say Perfect)
  • If the attendance has been published for payroll. (Status bar will say Published to Payroll)

To change displayed Month, select the Month name from the list at the top of the calendar.
To change displayed Year, select the Year number from the list on the edges of the calendar.


The details displayed on this page are the exact same ones that the Managers can view.
If you find a discrepancy, or need to report a change, you should contact your Manager or Supervisor.

The Time Card and Accruals is just a way for Regular Employees to view the actual clock in and out and the attendance status of employees. It has the same view and look as the REVIEW page if you have admin access, however the only difference is that the Time Card and Accruals is not editable.

This concludes the article on How to track your own attendance.
Remember that the information displayed here is the same that your supervisors have, so be sure to check this page often! 

If you have any further questions about this article, do not hesitate to contact us at – we will be happy to help.

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