How to take screenshots?

One important thing to know when reporting bugs, issues and concern is to know how to take screenshots. Screenshots help us and our engineers troubleshoot any issues you may encounter on the system. Here’s how you can screenshot via Windows OS Open the window that you would like to take […]

How to Resolve Incorrect Attendance Resolution?

A scenario may happen that the team leader or store manager may resolve attendance incorrectly. Here are the steps on how you can correct this given that you have system permissions for editing the review page. If you do not have one, please contact your HR. Search the Name of […]

How to Add a Schedule to an Employee?

There are 3 ways to add a schedule to an employee profile   1. Schedules page – Used for plotting schedule in a long period of time Choose a start date Click on “Add a new Schedule” or if the employee has an old schedule, edit the old schedule and […]

How to Export an Employee Attendance Report?

The Employee Attendance Report is where you can view employee attendance. We currently have 2 ways to export attendance: Employee Attendance Report Pivotable Attendance Report (scroll down at the bottom of the page)   HOW TO EXPORT THE EMPLOYEE ATTENDANCE REPORT 1. Click the Employees Tab 2. Then click the Employee […]

How to Designate a Day As “Rest Day”?

To set this up on the system, make sure to select the “Rest day” on the secondary day type when scheduling shifts on a rest day. Please see screenshot below: Via the Shift Calendar on the Employee Profile: Via the Scheduling page: If there is no “Rest day” on the shift, the employees […]