How to Designate a Day As “Rest Day”?

To set this up on the system, make sure to select the “Rest day” on the secondary day type when scheduling shifts on a rest day. Please see screenshot below: Via the Shift Calendar on the Employee Profile: Via the Scheduling page: If there is no “Rest day” on the shift, the employees […]

PayrollHero Attendance HipChat Integration

Hipchat Integration adds real time updates about who is in or who just left the office as well where or which worksite the employees are currently working. Please contact to activate this feature. To integrate PayrollHero to Hipchat follow the steps below: – Create a hipchat account – […]

What Does The “Analytics Tab” Show?

The Analytics tab will show your Attendance rank compared to your colleagues. To see the data, click on the Analytics tab on your dashboard. The Stats are divided into three categories: 1. My Attendance Stats Click My Attendance Stats.This will show how many minutes that you clocked in early, late, […]