Release Note: Standard Break Rule fixed for Holidays, Paid and Unpaid Leaves via Leave Management

When using the “Standard” break rule, it is found that it is deducting breaks on the “hours per day” of the employee profile. The ‘hours per day’ is what the system uses for holidays, paid or unpaid days off and paid leaves via leave management.

  • When a leave request is approved. Users are confused to see an incorrect total hours on the attendance page and on the shift cal’s page if the Break Rule is set to “Standard”.
  • However if they are using “scheduled” break rule, the hours per day is not affected. It doesn’t deduct breaks.

This is now fixed for the following:

  • Paid Leave & Unpaid Leave via Leave Management
  • Holidays

Note: Paid days off and Unpaid days off via Shift Cal or Scheduling will be fixed on the next sprint.