Extract ND hours from pivotable attendance report

We have had a few customers asking about how to extract night differential hours from the attendance report. ND is actually a function of our payroll calculator whereas attendance lives in Time, Attendance and Scheduling. We’ve put together a formula that would help you extract the ND hours from your […]

How to Setup Automatic Billing via Credit Card

PayrollHero has rebranded as RedCape HR Software.  RedCape will continue to offer you the same great software, rate and support! Please note that RedCape will appear on your invoice, credit/debit card or PayPal statements. To Save your Credit Card: Login to https://my.freshbooks.com/ *If you can’t remember, or don’t know your […]

How to restrict clocking access

We understand that companies have different needs for security and access. As a result we’ve made it really easy for you to restrict access to the different ways employee’s can clock in and out on PayrollHero. Currently employee’s can clock in/out using: TeamClock MyClock Web TeamClock To restrict access to […]

Philippine Payroll Guide: Generating Payroll Overview

Generating Payroll At this final stage you will be generating payroll and producing the associated reports Adhoc Payments: You will learn how to add one of adhoc payments like expenses or adjustments. Generate Payroll: You will generate the payroll on your account. Publishing payslips and finalizing payroll: You will learn how to distribute […]

Philippine Payroll Guide: Payroll Setup Overview

Congratulations!!! Well done on completing the second milestone. Your employees are clocking in and their attendance is now being resolved! You should also have a good understanding of how to run payroll on your account. The next milestone is all about getting your employees active on the system. Payroll Setup You […]

Philippine Payroll Guide: Payroll Basics Training

Now it’s time to do the basics of payroll training. This online training will teach payroll managers and administrators all the concepts, tools and features to be able to generate payroll on PayrollHero’s system, including: Banks and Enrollments. Setting up Government Payments. Defining Compensations, Allowances, Advances and Bonuses of employees. Adding […]