Philippines Payroll Guide: Initial Setup Overview

Initial Setup At this stage you will do some configuration to set up your account to match the needs of your company. Adding positions: What roles your employees have and the company hierarchy Worksites: Where your employees work Adding Employees: How to create your employees on the PayrollHero System Clocking Device Setup: how you […]

Singapore: Finishing a Pay Period

Once your payroll has been resolved you have a couple of things you need to pull from PayrollHero before you can finalize the pay period. You will need to produce your bank file for uploading to your financial institution. You will also need to produce your CPF e-submission file. Once […]

Singapore: Manually Enter Payroll Hours

Singapore accounts have the capability to manually enter the payroll hours for payroll generation. This means that instead of using the time and attendance data collected from our devices you can input the numbers manually yourself. If you would like to use this feature please email 1. Find the employee […]

TAS Guide: Adding Worksites

Skip to the next step by clicking here Worksites are any fixed locations your company has employees working. These are required to identify where an employee is clocking in and out. If the employee clocks in using a GPS enabled device PayrollHero will compare the clocking location to your saved worksites and you […]

TAS Guide: Adding Positions

Skip to the next step by clicking here The Positions are the roles your employees fill at your company. Adding the positions at your company creates your company hierarchy.  For a Time, Attendance and Scheduling (TAS) account this controls the superior and subordinate relationships, or which employees is allowed to manage […]