Philippines Payroll Guide: Adding Worksites

Skip to the next step by clicking here Worksites are any fixed locations your company has employees working. These are required to identify where an employee is clocking in and out. If the employee clocks in using a GPS enabled clocking device PayrollHero will compare the clocking location to your saved worksites and […]

Philippine Payroll Guide: Adding Positions

Skip to the next step by clicking here The Positions are the roles your employees fill at your company. Adding the positions at your company creates your company hierarchy.  On a Philippines Payroll account positions are important because they effect: Compensations: How much an employee get’s paid Allowances: If an employee […]

Philippines Payroll Guide: Adding Schedules

Skip to the next step by clicking here Scheduling Depending on how you do business will ultimately effect how you schedule.  If you are office based most of your employees probably work some version of 09:00 – 17:00, Monday to Friday.  However, if you run a coffee shop you might update […]