What Does the Flag Wall Verification Tab Do?

The Flag Wall Verification tab shows notifications about your employees clocking pictures.

  • If there are issues or errors with the picture, it will show as mismatched.
  • If there are comments about the picture, it will show as notable.



A mismatch notification occurs when an employee’s clock in/out picture falls under any of the following conditions:

  • Too Dark: This occurs when the clock in picture is too dark and the face can not be recognized properly.
  • Unclear Face: This occurs when the clock in photo is unclear because of bad lighting or face not properly framed within the picture.
  • Unclear match – Investigate: This happens when the employee clocking photo is different from their profile picture.
  • Missing photo: This is displayed on clockings with no Photo (Employee clocked in without using a Webcam).
  • Missing master photo: This is displayed when an employee has no profile picture set up.
  • Possible haircut: This is an alert when an employee gets a new haircut or change of style.
  • Different Background: This notifies you that the background of the selfie is not the regular one from previous days.


Notable clockings

The verification tab also notifies you of outstanding clockings.

  • Group shot: For employees who clock in and more than one face shows up in the photo.
  • Cool Pose: When the system identifies a funny or awesome clocking pose.


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