What Is the Flag Wall and What Can I Do Here?

The Flag Wall is a news feed of notifications about your employees. On the Flag Wall, notifications are divided into five category tabs, covering: employee attendance, events in your company calendar, requirements submitted by employees, changes to your employee schedules and any photo verification issues that may require your attention.

Important: HR or Admin are the only people who can see the Flag Wall page.

In this article we’re going to show you:

  • How to access the Flag Wall page
  • What you can see and do on each of the tabs


How to access the Flag Wall page

To access the Flag Wall page:

  1. Log in to your PayrollHero Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Flag Wall tab in the navigation (highlighted below).


The Flag Wall category tabs

On the Flag Wall overview, you’ll see the following tabs:



The Attendance notification tab will show you:

  • Any employees who clocked in late.
  • Any employees who clocked out early.
  • Any clocking in or out issues that mean the employee does not meet their attendance requirements.

Important: Only HR or Admin can see the Flag Wall Attendance notification tab.

This is what the Attendance tab looks like:



The Calendar notification tab will show you:

  • All upcoming events that have been added to your company Calendar.
  • All past events that were in your company Calendar.

Important: All events added into the Calendar will be seen by all employees, in their PayrollHero account. Events can not be amended or changed in the Calendar notification tab.
Tip: You can learn how to add, amend or remove events in your company Calendar by reading the Knowledge Base article: How to add events to the Calendar.

This is what the Calendar tab looks like:



The Schedule notification tab will show you:

  • All employee schedule changes and updates.
  • When those changes and updates were made.

This is what the Schedule tab looks like:



The Requirements notification tab will:

  • Show you what Requirements have been submitted by which employee
  • Allow you to accept or reject the submission (highlighted below)

Important: Requirements are any documents that you have requested from your employees, such as contracts, copy of birth certificates, work permits, training certificates and more.

Tip: There are a few ways you can attach a required document to an employee profile and you can accept or reject these. Learn how by reading the Knowledge Base article: How to attach employee requirements to their profile.

This is what the Requirements tab looks like:



The verification tab is the section where you can use the Photo Verification

As a reference please check this article regarding the verification tab.

You can also check out our article here on How to Prevent Mismatched Photos – Selfie Best Practice 

This is what the Verification Tab looks like:


That concludes the ‘What is the Flag Wall and What Can I Do Here?’ article. You should now be able to find the Flag Wall page and have a good understanding of what each of notification tabs do confidently.

Helping hand : If you experience any concerns with your PayrollHero account, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@payrollhero.com – we’d be happy to help you!

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