How to Generate the 13th Month Pay in PayrollHero?

According to the DOLE handbook (Revised 2020), the basic salary of an employee for the purpose of computing the 13th month pay shall include all remunerations or earnings paid by his employer for services rendered. It does not include allowances and monetary benefits which are not considered or integrated as part of the regular […]

How to change an employee’s system permission?

How to change an employee’s system permission? Log in to your PayrollHero Click on Employees Click on Employee List Click “Edit” Once you are on the Profile edit page, look for the system permissions drop down and select the preferred access.   The drop down will show the list of […]

Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions Charitable contributions are taken from certain employees of certain races.  They are only taken from citizens and permanent residences.  Although employees are allowed to opt out of any of the charitable contributions all contributions are mandatorily opted in.  An employee must get the correct forms from the particular […]

Skills Development Levy (SDL)

As required by law under the Skills Development Levy (SDL) Act, all employers are required to pay a monthly SDL for each of their employees working in Singapore. Includes full-time, casual, part-time, temporary and foreign workers rendering services wholly or partly in Singapore. Although payment for the SDL is generally […]

Foreign Worker Levy (FWL)

The Foreign Worker levy, commonly known as ‘levy’ is a pricing mechanism to regulate the amount of foreign manpower in Singapore. It is not applicable to Singaporean Permanent Residents. Who should pay for Foreign Worker levy? Employers are required to pay Foreign Worker levy for their Work Permit Holders (WPH). […]

Singapore Employment Act

The Employment Act (Chapter 91) is the act that governs Singaporean payroll, contract law, Rest Days, Hours of Work, Contractual work, etc. etc.  It only applies to Contracts of Service. Employment Act (Chapter 91) Above is a link to the actual act but below is a summary of the pertinent […]