How to Lock Down the TeamClock App (iOS)?

Using the “Guided Access” feature on all iOS devices, this is one way of locking down the app: Go to Settings and tap on General. On General screen, tap on “Accessibility” See screenshot below: On “Accessibility”, tap on “Guided Access” Enable “Guided Access” and “Accessibility Shortcut“ Tap on “Set Passcode” After […]

System Permissions: Tag Based Employee Permissions

System Permissions: Tag Based Employee Permission Tag Based Employee Permission is a system permission on what would you need access or permission to edit, create or delete when it comes to your Subordinates.   Here’s the overview:   You can see each field filtered according to a task that you […]

System Permissions

This is where you give employees different levels of access to your company account. There 3 default system permissions on your account: Account Owner This system permission has FULL access to everything on the account, including deleting items, attendance, and payroll. Payroll Administrator Similar to “account owner” but Payroll Administrators […]