How to Generate the 13th Month Payment Report

When initially using the 13th Month Payment Generation, it can directly generate the employee’s 13th Month Pay amounts into a payment for you to add within their regular payrolls.

With the 13th Month Payment Report, you can initial view the amounts before generating the payment.

If you would like to try this feature, email us at and our PayrollHero Specialist will enable this for you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to your PayrollHero Account. Make sure you have Admin access to generate the 13th Month Payments.
  2. Go to the Employee List
  3. Click the checkbox to select the employee’s you would like generate the 13th Month Pay.
    • Make sure employees’ payrolls / payslips are finalized. If payrolls are not finalized, you won’t be able to generate the 13th month pay.
  4. Click on “Do it”. See screenshot below:
  5. Select the 13th month period and the 13th month computation you prefer.
  6. Click on the check box that says “13th Month Report” and click on “Generate” button. See screenshot below:
  7. Once clicked, it will generate the 13th month amounts like this:

    • If you pay the 13th month on a separate payslip, you can copy and paste the list into a spreadsheet and add to PayrollHero’s Offcycle Feature
    • NOTE: We will be adding an option to export the 13th Month Report into a .csv file soon, watch out for updates!
  8. If you click on the “Back” button, it goes back into the 13th Month Payment Generation page with the selected 13th Month Period and 13th Month Computation you selected.

    • You can then uncheck the 13th Month Report to generate the 13th Month Payment.

And that’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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