Release Note: Disabling MyClock

We have received a feedback where users want employees to fully use the TeamClock to clock in and out and thus wanted to disable the MyClock. We have now added the ability to disable the MyClock via the Employee’s Profile. – If set to NO, employees will still be able […]

Release Note: Assigned Shifts

We have created a new way for Managers to see which employees are assigned to specific shifts.Going into the Employees tab, beside the Attendance page, we have added what we call “Assigned Shifts”. Assigned Shifts will let you see the following: If you have any questions or feedback, please do […]

Release Note: PhilHealth Contributions for the Year 2022

With the New PhilHealth Table below: Source: Every year there will be an increase for the PhilHealth Contribution. However, due to the pandemic, PhilHealth Contribution increase for 2021 did not push through and that contributions will be retained at 3%. With this year 2022, since there is no mandate yet […]

Release Note: OT/OB System Permissions

Similar to how Leave Management and Managing Teams are set up, we now have the option to properly set specific employee (ie Manager or Team Leaders) system permissions on who would have access to approve or reject OT/OB Requests. Learn more here: How to Manage Overtime/Official Business Requests

Release Note: SSS Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) now shows on a separate column when exporting Payroll Register Report

With the latest updated SSS Contributions, employee’s SSS includes the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF). We’ve made it easier for HR/Payroll Admins to keep track of employees/employer’s MPF by separating the computation on the Payroll Register Report. Here’s what we’ve updated: On the Payroll Register Report, you now have the option […]