How Leave Management Works for PayrollHero?

Welcome to PayrollHero’s new Leave Management System! How it works The leave management system is very simple!  Here’s a quick video that we have that gives you an overview on how to apply for a leave and how managers can reject leaves: a. Requesting leaves An employee goes to the leave […]

How does PayrollHero Billing work?

PayrollHero Client Billing starts immediately on sign up, you will receive your first bill 30 days after you have signed up. Once a month PayrollHero will generate the employee (unit) count for the prior 30 days, aggregate price per unit (plan cost + all add ons) and currency for each client […]

How to set up employees allowances

You can create any type of allowances on your PayrollHero account. Allowance Templates can be created on the Positions under the Settings page. Please see the instructions below: 1. Log in to your PayrollHero account and go to settings 2. Under the Positions Tab select a positions that you want […]