How to Lock Down the TeamClock App (iOS)?

Using the “Guided Access” feature on all iOS devices, this is one way of locking down the app: Go to Settings and tap on General. On General screen, tap on “Accessibility” See screenshot below: On “Accessibility”, tap on “Guided Access” Enable “Guided Access” and “Accessibility Shortcut“ Tap on “Set Passcode” After […]

System Permissions: Tag Based Employee Permissions

System Permissions: Tag Based Employee Permission Tag Based Employee Permission is a system permission on what would you need access or permission to edit, create or delete when it comes to your Subordinates.   Here’s the overview:   You can see each field filtered according to a task that you […]

System Permissions

This is where you give employees different levels of access to your company account. There 3 default system permissions on your account: Account Owner This system permission has FULL access to everything on the account, including deleting items, attendance, and payroll. Payroll Administrator Similar to “account owner” but Payroll Administrators […]

How to take screenshots?

One important thing to know when reporting bugs, issues and concern is to know how to take screenshots. Screenshots help us and our engineers troubleshoot any issues you may encounter on the system. Here’s how you can screenshot via Windows OS Open the window that you would like to take […]