Philippine Payroll Items

1. Payslip

With PayrollHero, employees can view their own payslips online directly through their PayrollHero Web account!

2. Government Reports

Generating Philippines Government reports is extremely easy with PayrollHero!

Sample Monthly remittance reports that you can generate are SSS R-3 (Contribution Collection List), SSS R-3 online, PhilHealth RF-1 (Remittance Report), PhilHealth RF-1 XLS, Pag-IBIG FPF060 (Remittance Report), BIR 1601-C (Monthly Remittance Return of Income Taxes Withheld on Compensation), SSS R-1a and PhilHealth Er2.

With PayrollHero you can also export:

3. Payroll Register

The Payroll Register is a list of payroll information per employee. It’s a breakdown of where money came and went in a given date range, including all deductions, bonuses, etc. In the report generator you can add categories of information that you want to include in the report; you can also specify the dates that you would like the report to run from and to. If you enter a date range that crosses multiple payroll periods they will be combined into a total amount, per person.

4. Pivotable Attendance Report

The Employee Attendance Report is where you can view employee attendance.

We have two attendance reports but the Pivotable Attendance report was designed with TAS customers in mind. We wanted to create an attendance report that makes your attendance data easy to manipulate. That way it doesn’t matter if you are looking for trends in employees clocking behaviour or trying to generate your payroll you can easily manipulate the data in this report to do what you need.


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