What does PayrollHero’s Payslip look like?

*UPDATE: New Payslip Template*

Here’s a screenshot of what PayrollHero’s payslip looks like:


  1. Employee Details
  2. Pay period (Cut off dates) and Pay Out Date
  3. Payroll Details
    | Employee Type – Position – Compensation Level
    | Monthly Pay (How to compute the monthly rate)
    | Daily Rate (How to compute the daily rate)
  4. Base Pay
    – This is your half a month salary.
    – If the employee’s pay mode is set to MONTHLY, total hours worked will NOT show up under the “Hours” column.
    – If the employee’s pay mode is set to HOURLY, total hours worked will show under the “Hours” column.
  5. Gross Breakdown
    Here’s what it would look like for overtime:
    zespXqT7keqtQbLPqGuw– Overtime will show as “Regular Overtime Worked” which gives off 125% with the correct hourly rate.And here’s how it looks like with holidays and holiday overtime:
  6. Hourly Rate
    – Hourly rate of each payroll item.
    – You can learn more about this on our support article her – How to compute the hourly rate.
  7. Hours
    – Hours for each payroll item
    – Hours that shows up in this column are also in units.
    – For example, if the hours show as “1.42 h”, .42 is not 42 minutes.
    – If you multiple .42 x 60 minutes that is 25.2 minutes
  8. Amount
    – Equivalent amount for each payroll item
  9. Allowances
    – Any allowances added on the employee profile shows up on this area.
    – If another specific payment like Adjustments, Bonuses, and Advances are created on the employee profile, it will also show up on this area with a specific category name like the “Allowances” you see on top.
  10. Loans
    – Loans will show up under “Deductions”
    – Loan deduction will show up under “Curr. Amounts”
    – Loan balance will show up under “Acc. amounts” as accumulated loans per cut off.
  11. Deductions
    – This is where you’ll see the Government Deductions
    – Any type of deduction will show up here.
  12. Current Amounts
    – Deductions per payroll
  13. Accumulated Amounts
    – Year to date accumulated amount for each deduction/contributions.
  14. Current Payroll Summary
  15. Accumulat Payroll Summary
  16. NET PAY
  17. PDF Settings
    – Hover your mouse pointer at the bottom right corner to Zoom in/out the payslip or SAVE and PRINT.

And that’s what the payslip looks like on PayrollHero 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at support@payrollhero.com

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