Philippines Payroll Guide: PayrollHero TeamClock Android Setup

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The New TeamClock no longer relies on downloading the schedule and attendance of the employees to suggest the type of clocking that the employee should do. Instead we have provided all the clocking options and the employee can select the correct one to use. This means that the employee can clock out at the end of their work day even if they forgot to clock in at the start of the day.

*Note: The TeamClock does not fully support offline clocking, this means that there must still be an internet connection for the system to send and receive the clock in and out of employees on your PayrollHero account. However, we do have the TeamClock Clocking Queue to support intermittent internet connection.

How to Setup the TeamClock on your Android device.

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Search for the TeamClock
  3. Choose the TeamClock
  4. Install the App
  5. Open the App and login using your PayrollHero account.
    • An Admin Credentials is needed on the TeamClock for ALL employees to see their profiles.
    • If an employee with a “Regular Employee” system permission tries to login using their PayrollHero account, they will see an error message.
  6. The TeamClock on iOS is similar to TeamClock iOS and TeamClock Web (browser).
  7. Before anything else, set up the GEOLOCATION, CAMERA, LOCK SETTINGS (PIN CODE) for additional security.

    • Click on the Menu icon on the upper left corner & click on Settings:

    • Enable the Geolocation and Camera settings
    • A pop up message may appear, please click on ALLOW as this enables your geolocation and camera settings.
    • Enable the “Lock Settings Menu” to setup a 6 digit pin code that only ADMINS should know:

      • The 6 digit PIN will show every time anyone tries to go to the “Settings” of the TeamClock.
      • Setting up a 6 digit PIN code won’t let any log out the TeamClock or make changes on the Clocking Queue.

    5. Once you have set up your geolocation, camera and Lock Settings Menu, you can now get your employees to clock in and out!

How to Clock in and Out on your TeamClock

  1. All you need to do is click on the initial letter of your surname:
  2. Click on your name and start clocking in and out (Employees can now search for their name on the Search bar)
  3. Employees can then either do the following:

    • Clock in
    • Clock out
    • Start Break
    • End Break
  4. Once you selected an action, click on “Check” icon to proceed and capture your photo to either clock in, clock out, start or end breaks.
  5. Once you clicked on “Check” icon, a success message will show which means that the clock in or clock out or the breaks have been sent to the servers. See screenshot below:
  • And that’s it! You have successfully setup the TeamClock!

Now we have created some employees and set up your clocking devices you will want to add a schedule to your employees.


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