How to import clockings or your Biometrics on your PayrollHero Account

If your company doesn’t have internet connection on some locations and you have your own biometrics device. PayrollHero can import the clock in and out time of your employees from your own biometrics.
All you need to do is to create a spreadsheet following the instructions below and email us at
  1. Create an excel spreadsheet with the following details and format:
    clocking format

    • Employee ID: This is the ID of the employee on our system not the employee’s internal number if you have them.
      employee id
      You can easily get the employee ID (EID) of all employees by exporting the Multi Insert Tool – Employee Enrollment Update
    • Clocking Time: This is the time and date of the clocking the format must be:
    • Timezone: This is which timezone the clockings occurred in.  Type in the name of the timezone from the timezone we support here. If all your employees are in the Philippines just use “Singapore”.
    • Clocking Kind: This is the type of clocking they must be in this format:
      • clock_in
      • clock_out
      • break_in
      • break_out
  2.  Once you have the spreadsheet with all the details above, please email us at and we can upload and import this for you.
  3. The support team will then contact you once the clockings are imported on your PayrollHero Account.
  4. You’ll be able to see the clockings via the ATTENDANCE page or via the Review page of the employee.
  5. Imported Clockings will automatically go through the account’s thresholds settings.
    • So let’s say that there is a threshold set up to resolve attendance automatically except for the employee’s UNDERTIME and UNSCHEDULED WORK.
    • If the employee clocked in and out based on their schedule, then the attendance automatically goes to the “Perfect” status. There is no resolution needed.
    • If the employee worked more or less than their scheduled hours, as per the threshold, then it’ll either go to the undertime or unscheduled work attendance status.
And that’s it! That’s how the import clockings work on PayrollHero 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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