Giving access to view enrollment details to Regular Employees in PayrollHero

We have looked into how you can give your employees access to view their employee profile as well as their own enrollment details like their Government numbers. You can give them access by using the system permissions and the subordinate page on the employee profile.

You can create a new system permission that only gives employee access to their profile and to the “Enrollments” page and also giving them access to the subordinates page:

Here’s a screenshot from our demo:

  • Only case here is they might be able to download their own attendance report, see their clock in and out, which isn’t that bad actually 🙂
  • We can also give them access to view their own details. It will look something like this:
  • If they click on the Enrollments page, they’ll see this:
  • They won’t have access to add a new enrollment by the way 🙂

As for a specific enrollment details like the HMO, what you can do for now is to create another “Enrollment” for the HMO.

And then you can use this the “membership code” field to add the details you want the employees to see.

Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see, the dependent’s account number and Room number is shown.

The process would be in giving them access are the following:

  • System Permission
    – You can use the “Regular Employee + Leave” system permission as this is the access that your regular employees have.
    – You can edit the system permission, under “Tag Based Employee Permissions”
    – Select “Has Access” on Enrollments
  • Subordinates Page
    Once you have updated the system permission, you would need to go to the subordinates page on the employee profile, and click on two items:
    – Filter by tag
    – Self Manage
    You don’t need to select any specific tag for the employee, just click on the “Filter by tag” box and “Self Manage” and they should have access to the enrollments page.

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