How to Export the Employee’s BIR 2316 in PayrollHero

The BIR 2316 report in PayrollHero is connected to the Alphalist Reports. Whatever is the amount shown when you export the Alphalist Report, it is also shown on the BIR 2316 following the period of January 1 to December 31.

It can be downloaded from employee’s profile under their Documents page. By default, it only shows the previous year’s BIR 2316. See screenshot below:

  • If you click on the “Enable Access” button on the right side of the page, this gives access for employees to download the BIR 2316 on their PayrollHero account.
  • Here’s how employees access the BIR 2316 or any document you give access to:
    • Once the employee logs in to their PayrollHero Account
    • On the dropdown (top right corner), click on My Profile
    • They should be able to see the “FORMS” tab
    • They will see the different documents you “Enabled” on the Documents page. See screenshot below:

If the employee leaves the company for the current year and a separation date is added on their employee profile, the BIR 2316 report on the Documents page of the employee will now show two (2) BIR 2316:

  • BIR 2316 (Past Year)
    • This report will show payrolls generated from the past year. Example Scenario below:
      • If the employee started in the year 2018, the BIR 2316 (Past Year) will include the payroll period from January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019. Only payrolls started in 2019, within the period will be included.
      • Sample BIR 2316 (Past Year): 9-Bruce Wayne BIR 2316
  • BIR 2316 (Current Year)
    • This report will only show payrolls generated for the current year. Example scenario below:
      • If the employee resigned on March 15, 2020, their BIR 2316 for the current year will include the payroll period from January 1, 2020-March 15, 2020. Only payrolls started this year, within the period will be included.
      • Sample BIR 2316 for the separated employee: 9-Bruce Wayne BIR 2316

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