How to Export PayrollHero’s OverBreak Report

PayrollHero can now export your employee’s break times including overbreaks.

If you would like to enable PayrollHero’s Overbreak Report, please email

How to export the Overbreak Report?

  • Login to your PayrollHero
  • Click on the Payroll tab
  • Click on Reports
  • The Overbreak Report will show near the bottom of the Reports Lists

    • Click on “View”
    • You can select the date period you would like to export as well as tags. See screenshot below.
    • Click on “Continue” and it will export the Overbreak report in excel.
  • Here’s what PayrollHero’s OverBreak Report will look like:

And that’s how you can export PayrollHero’s Overbreak Report! If you have any questions, email us at

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