Disabling MyClock in PayrollHero

Welcome to PayrollHero’s comprehensive guide on disabling the MyClock feature within the platform. MyClock serves as an efficient tool for employees to clock in and out seamlessly, ensuring accurate time tracking for payroll purposes. However, there are instances where administrators may prefer to restrict or disable this feature for various […]

How to Set Up Regular Employees’ TeamClock Access

By default, the Regular Employee system permission has no access to log in on the TeamClock App or Web. If the employee attempts to log in, he/she’ll get a warning message that says: Here’s how to setup: On Settings, go to the System Permissions page On the “Regular Employee” system […]

Attendance notifications on Slack

Attendance notification via slack will help you to track the attendance of the employees as well as the current locations. You just need to integrate the slack on your PayrollHero account. Please contact support@payrollhero.com to activate this feature. Here are the steps on how to integrate Slack to PayrollHero account: […]

How to Create Departments?

Departments are how you organize the managers who can approve the Official Business request and Overtime request of the employees. Once an employee files an OB/OT request, an email notification will be sent to the approver for them to approve the request. Creating Departments Click on the Employees tab, then […]

How to assign an employee to a department?

Once you’ve done adding the Departments, you would also need to assign the employees under their approver’s department. It is really easy to complete, just follow the steps below on how to assign the employees.   Click on the Employees tab, and then click on Departments Click on the Department’s […]

Multi Insert Tool: Employees Government Enrollment Update

To save time, PayrollHero has created the Multi-Insert tool that can be used to mass update Employees Government Enrollments. Before using the Multi-insert tool, make sure that you have your Banks and Bank Enrollments set up, see screenshot below: To mass update bank enrollments, follow these simple steps: After adding […]

Singapore Payroll Guide: ATM Institution Setup

Now you may add your Payroll Account Enrollments to your PayrollHero Account. The available pre-set up Bank Accounts are: Development Bank of Singapore Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation United Overseas Bank How to setup Bank Payroll File enrollment to PayrollHero: 1. Create the bank enrollment under settings for financial institution (fill up […]