How to Set Up Regular Employees’ TeamClock Access

By default, the Regular Employee system permission has no access to log in on the TeamClock App or Web. If the employee attempts to log in, he/she’ll get a warning message that says:

Here’s how to setup:

  • On Settings, go to the System Permissions page
  • On the “Regular Employee” system permission, click on the “CLONE” icon.
  • Rename the system permission to “Regular Employee + TeamClock”
  • Under the System Permission portion, look for the TeamClock and set the access to Can Create
  • And then click on Create System Permission
  • Once you have created the system permission, go to the Multi Insert Tool here
  • Select “Employee Profile Update” and download & open the excel sheet
  • Under the System Permission, edit and choose “Regular Employee + TeamClock”
  • Save the file and upload it again on the Multi Insert Tool page.
  • This should update the system permission for your Regular Employees

Your Employees with a Regular Employee System Permission should now have access to log in on the TeamClock App/Web.

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on our requests page at – we’d be happy to help.