Photo Verification

We have revamped how the Photo Verification flag wall works. Now you can verify photos per pay period and per employee.

Here’s how to use the new Photo Verification:

1. Log in to your PayrollHero Account


2. Go to Flag Wall and then click the Verification


3. Fill in the details needed & click Go

  • Year
  • Pay Period
  • Name of the Employee


4. Results will appear on the space provided

  • Profile Picture – the profile photo of the employee on his/her profile (upload date included)
  • Photo of the clocking – captured picture of the employee’s clocking
  • Match or Mismatch – if the employee’s clocking picture matches with the profile picture

untitled_clipping_092116_014354_pm  – Match

screenshot_092116_014518_pm – Mismatch

  • Confidence – Match percentage of the photo with the Profile Picture (50% – 100% = Match)
  • Time – Time of the Clocking
  • Type – Clock In/Clock Out
  • App Version – Device and App Used
  • Location – Location of the clocking (GPS of the device must be enabled)

Sample of a Matched photo


Sample of a Mismatched photo


*Note: We recommend to use a recent picture of the employee as a Profile Picture


That’s how you use the new Photo Verification flagwall. For questions and suggestions, feel free to contact us at

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