Reasons Why You Can’t Clock In on TeamClock app

There are reasons why you might not be able to clock in using TeamClock apps:

  • Your profile is not yet added on your account

HR/Payroll Admins have not yet added your profile on your company’s PayrollHero account.

  • Employee Type

HR Admins have not yet set up your Employee Type on your Employee Profile.

Having no Employee Type could prevent you from clocking in.

  • Position

HR Admins have not yet set up your Position on your Employee Profile.

Same with Employee Type, having no Position could also prevent you from clocking in.

  • Gender

It is possible that the gender was not set up correctly.

  • Worksite

After logging on to TeamClock, you may have selected the wrong Worksite for your Scheduled Shift.

  • No Schedule

Your HR Admin/Manager may have not added a schedule for you and you Allow non-scheduled clock ins? is set to No.

  • Holiday

It may be a holiday and your Works on Holidays? is set to No.


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