How to Use the #MyClock for iOS


We will be reducing the amount of applications we support for Clocking Devices

  • By the 15th of November, we’ll be pulling the #MyClock from App Store

  • Full Support will be stopped for #MyClock iOS on 31st December 2016

We are releasing a new major update to the #MyClock iOS. This is a complete redesign of the app!

With this update:

  • Fresh look and bigger buttons for clocking in/out and taking breaks.
  • More reliable as the app is focused on recording time.
  • Super light on data (No syncing required).
  • No schedule or attendance needed.
  • Works with Multi-Shifts within Calendar Day.
  • The Camera and GPS are optional.
  • No offline functionality for this version. If you do go offline the clocking buttons will be disabled.

We will be releasing the new #MyClock iOS on June 16, 2016 – 9AM SGT. Please update to the latest version. Once the #MyClock 4.0 is released, the old MyClock versions will no longer work.


How to set up and log in:

  1. The latest version of the #MyClock is 4.0
  2. You can download it by going to the App Store and search for “payrollhero” and then select to install the “#MyClock
  3. Once you have downloaded the app, the login page will look something like this:Simple MyClock - login

How the #MyClock works:

  • Once you login, the first thing you’ll see is the clock in page:simple myclock 1
    • With these buttons, you can start clocking in and out and taking breaks.
  • As mentioned above, by default the Camera and GPS are turned off. These can be turned on by going to the gear box on the top left.
    Simple MyClock - settings

    • If the Camera and Location are enabled, then the Photo and GPS will be captured. The rollcall day will look something like this:
      myclock rollcallday
    • If the Camera and Location are disabled, then no photo or GPS details will be captured. The rollcall day will show something like this:
      MyClock clockings sample

      • Location is set to “Unknown”
      • No link to the Photo.
  • Click the “Start Work” PLAY button to CLOCK IN and “End Work” button to CLOCK OUT.
    • To know if you have clocked in or out, it will show as “Success”, something like this:Myclock - success
    • In taking breaks, if you click “Start Break” it will show a notification something like this:MyClock - Starting break
    • And then will show the “Success” notification, letting you know that it has synced already.
    • Same way if you click the “End Break” it will initially show a notification like this:
      myclock - ending break
    • And then the “Success” notification appears once it syncs.
  • The #MyClock App 4.0 only works ONLINE. It does not have any offline functionality for this version.
    • If you do go offline the clocking buttons will be disabled so that you can’t accidentally clock and have it fail.
    • Also at the top of the screen there will be a warning message that says ‘No internet connection. Something like this:
      myclock - no connection
  • To logout, click the logout button on the top right of the screen and a pop up message will show like this:
    myclock logout

    • You can also logout without any internet connection, but you would need internet to log back in.

One thing to note…

  • The #MyClock iOS can now let you clock in and out multiple times.
  • In order for the multiple clock ins to work smoothly, it is best that the employee should also have multiple shifts. Something like this:
    myclock - multiple shift
  • This way, when the employee clocks in and out, the correct clock in/out time will fall under the correct shift:
    Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.19.13 AM
  • If the employee clocks in and out without a second shift, the multiple clock in and out time might show as a “Duplicate Clock in” on the Attendance page.


Now you know how to use the #MyClock app for iOS. You should now be able to confidently log-in, clock in & out, start & end your break and log-out your account on your iOS devices.

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on our requests page at – we’d be happy to help!

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