How to Generate the Employee’s Final Pay on PayrollHero?

As of the moment, we cannot automatically calculate the final pay. However, you can manually create a final pay using the payments and generating payroll.
This is how we create final pay:
  1. Once you generate payroll. Export the Payroll Register Report to know the employee’s net pay for the last pay period the employee worked.
  2. Manually compute the unused vacation/sick leave, convert it to a cash/amount value and then add it as a specific payment on the system.
  3. Manually compute the accumulated 13th month if the employee did not start January 1st on the system and then add it as a specific payment on the system or you can use the Multi Insert – Payment Template.If you are using the System’s 13th Month computation simply pay out the employee’s 13th Month by following the steps here – How to Generate the 13th Month Payment Report
  4. Add a BIR Payment called “last pay” for the Tax Due/Tax Refund*Make sure that there is a separation date before creating the BIR last pay payment.
  5. Other than the payments mentioned above, if there are remaining deductions, bonus or allowance that the employee needs, add it on the system as a specific payment.
  6. Once all payments are added, you can then generate the last payroll.
This should serve as their “final pay” payslip.

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