How to Enable and Disable Payments to a Specific Employee Profile?

If you want an employee’s specific or government payment to be “put on hold” or to be suspended, one way to do this is to disable the payment.

Here’s how you can disable payment of a specific employee:

1. Login to your Dashboard

2. Click on the Employee Tab

Either search for the employee on the search barbRqWXh1Zzv7i7rpqGjvS

or click on the “Employee List” and click on the name of the employee to open his/her profile.VJgxHMWSHWSNUEHdxfgC


3. On the employee profile, on the left sidebar, at the bottom of the list, click on “Payments” and you’ll see all the account and employee payments made for the employee.


4. On the right side of the payments page, there is a column for “Actions” where you can disable, edit, delete or revoke a certain payment.To disable the payment, click on the iiHxZtucx4zkDUieKxr7icon.To enable the payment, click on vQygV8YnPDCPBfHFqvMn icon.

They should look something like this:MnFR7b74HQctdqdxB9cx

And that’s it! Congratulations on enabling and disabling payments! 🙂

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