How Much Is My SSS, Philhealth, and HDMF (Pag-Ibig) Deductions?

With your Monthly Basic Salary, you can immediately know your monthly deductions

Scenario: Let’s say your monthly basic salary is Php 15,000:

For SSS:

Your monthly SSS deduction will be Php545.50 based on the SSS Contributions table.

For Philhealth:

Your monthly Philhealth contribution will be Php187.50 based on this contribution table from Philhealth.

For HDMF(Pag-Ibig)

HDMF Contribution is 2% of what your monthly income is. Php15,000 X .02= Php300.00

Note: The maximum monthly compensation used in computing the employee contributions is currently set as Php 5,000. This means that the maximum member contribution and employee counterpart per month are both currently Php 100

(source: Pag-IBIG)

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