How Leave Management Works for PayrollHero?

Welcome to PayrollHero’s new Leave Management System!

How it works

The leave management system is very simple!  Here’s a quick video that we have that gives you an overview on how to apply for a leave and how managers can reject leaves:

a. Requesting leaves

An employee goes to the leave management tab, sets the start date, end date and chooses which of those days should be paid.

The employee then selects the leave type and can see their leave balance on the drop down.

Underneath that they can type the leave reason if required and clicks submit and its done!

The employee schedule is automatically updated to reflect the leave request and balances updated.

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b. Leave notifications

After an employee requests for a leave, his or her superiors will receive a notification email of the request, plus a self notification for their own records.


c. Rejecting leaves

The system by default approves leaves (smart!), however if you want to reject a leave, you do so via the “Upcoming leaves” page. On this page you can review all the upcoming leaves, and you can select to view further details, where you can choose to reject a leave.

When a leave is rejected, the employee shift cal is reverted to its previous status and balance restored!
The employee receives a notification of this via email and also the superiors.

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d. Reviewing Own Leave Requests

Via the “My Leave History” tab, an employee can review the applied for leaves, and check their status. By clicking on the view button, they can check more details and rejection reason if one has been give


Initial Leave Management Set up

1) Adjust system permissions:

By default the Account Owner system permission has all the accesses for the leave management. While all the other system permissions do not have access to any feature.

The most common settings here are:

  • Regular Employee:
    • Can Create Their Own Leave Requests
  • Supervisors/Managers:
    • Can Edit Subordinate Leave Requests, 
    • Can Create Their Own Leave Requests
  • HR/Payroll:
    • Can Edit, Subordinate Leave Bank Balances,
    • Can Edit Subordinate Leave Requests,
    • Can Create Their Own Leave Requests

Please let us know how you would like to configure this and we will be happy to assist.

What needs to be decided is:

– Who can apply for leave requests? All employees?

– Who can reject leaves? Supervisors? Managers? HR? Payroll?

– Who can edit the leave balances bank? Managers? HR? Payroll?

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2) Verify organization chart:

Once the system permissions have been set up, I would recommend to revise the organization chart to ensure that managers and supervisors have the correct subordinates, so that they receive notification emails of leave requests, and access to reject requests.

This is done via the Employees – Org Chart page on the main account.

3) Populate leave banks:

The banks are by default set as 0 for Vacation Leave and Sick Leave.

These are edited via the “Leave Bank Balances” page. Note that only subordinates will be displayed on the list, this is why step 2 is important.

This is a quick one time set up, balances are automatically deducted when leaves are used!

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More about Leave management, click here
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