Why Do You Need to Resolve Attendance?

Attendance resolution is key to managing employees on PayrollHero. This is done for infractions recorded on the system to determine how employees get paid (for hourly and monthly paid employees).

This article will show you how to resolve the different attendance infractions through videos.

To start off, here is one on why you need to resolve attendance.

This next video is about Attendance Overview:

For videos on the different attendance infractions and how to resolve these, please visit these articles:

Resolving Missing Clock In and Clock Out Attendance Infractions

Resolving In Late and Out Late Attendance Infractions

Resolving In Early and Out Early Attendance Infractions

Resolving Undertime Attendance Infractions

Resolving Unscheduled Work Attendance Infractions

Resolving Multiple or Duplicate Clock in and Clock Out Attendance Infractions

Setting Auto Resolution for Multiple Clock In and Clock Out Attendance Infractions

That concludes the “Why Do You Need to Resolve Attendance?” article.

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