PayrollHero Error Email Notification

PayrollHero now sends specific error email notifications to admins or users who may have set up incorrect data on their PayrollHero Account.

A couple of errors a user might be receiving are the following:

  • Empty Employee Types
  • Missing Amounts on payments
  • Invalid Shifts
  • Missing Positions
  • Missing Clock in or Clock out time
  • Missing Multipliers (Overtime Rates)

We’ll be adding more notifications soon…

An Error Email Notification may look something like this screenshot below:

  • The subject of the email initially shows the name of your PayrollHero account, followed by what the error is.
  • Once you open the email, it shows the following error details:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee URL: This is the direct link to the employee’s PayrollHero profile who has the error.
    • Reason: Tells you the error is.
    • Details: Gives you more information about the error (ie the date to when the error happened, what status it is, etc)
  • There is also some suggested resolution included on the error email notification on how to resolve or correct the error. 
    • If you have specific questions about the error, or if you are having problems understanding the error email notification, please do not hesitate to forward the email to with questions you have about the error email.

That concludes the ‘PayrollHero Error Email Notification’ article.
If you have any further questions, please send us a message on our requests page at – we’d be happy to help.

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