Philippine Payroll: Welcome to PayrollHero!

Welcome to PayrollHero! We are excited to get you started using our application!

This guide will walk you through all the steps you need to take to have a fully operational account.

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The guide is separated into 4 milestones and will cover:

Initial Setup

At this stage you will do some configuration to set up your account to match the needs of your company.

Clocking in and Resolving

You will get your employee’s to clock in and out using PayrollHero

  • Tags: You will organize your employee’s and tag them based on your companies setup
  • Subordinates: You will control which employees have access to subordinates on your account
  • Resolving Attendance:  You will learn how to resolve the infractions that are not covered by your automatic thresholds and be given the documentation to train your team (if needed)

Payroll Setup

You will configure your employee’s payroll information and input your company information for government forms

Generating Payroll

At this final stage you will be generating payroll and producing the associated reports

At the end of the guide we’ll also provide you with a link to some of our expert features. This will help you get even more value from the PayrollHero application

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