Installing TeamClock Android App using the apk file

Some Android devices are not compatible with the TeamClock app even though it meets the minimum requirements. The solution is to install the TeamClock apk file.

1. Contact support. Tell them that you’re having trouble installing the TeamClock. Support will investigate the issue and will send you the apk file if it’s the only solution left to fix the problem.

2. Once you have the apk file, go to your file manager and open it


3. (If your phone’s setting for “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources” is disabled) This would appear on your screen. Click Settings


4. Enable the Unknown Sources


5. Check the box for “Allow this Installation Only”, then click OK


6. Click Install to install the TeamClock app


7. Wait for the phone to install the app


8. It would notify you if the app is installed. You could click Open or Done if you with to access it later


9. You can now log in once you open the TeamClock Android


10. If you want to re-open the TeamClock Android, please note that it may not be available on your home screen because it was not installed via Google Play. However, it should be available on your list of apps in the App Launcher.



And that’s how you install the TeamClock Android app using the apk file

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on our requests page – we’d be happy to help.

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