How to Track Employee Clock In and Clock Out?

Here are different ways in PayrollHero on how to track where your employees are clocking in and out:

  • Attendance HipChat Integration
    PayrollHero Attendance Hipchat Integration adds real time updates about who is in or who just left the office as well where or which worksite the employees are currently working. Please contact to activate this feature.4Note:

    • The locations you see on the Attendance HipChat Integration are based on the employee’s worksite and actual GPS on the iPhone.
    • If the employee clocks in/out offsite, the email notification only works on the MyClock Web version.
      • For iOS devices, the only way to know if the employee clocks in outside the office is via HipChat Integration or the Worksites. We currently do not support yet for offsite email notification for TeamClock and MyClock Apps.
    • If they are clocking in using the MyClock iOS or taking a break, the link location will show up as ‘here’ (see screenshot above). It will use the GPS on the iOS device.
    • If they are clocking in using the TeamClock iOS and they have worksites set up, the link will show the worksite they have chosen on the TeamClock.
    • If they are clocking in using the MyClock Web, then it currently doesn’t show the location on hipchat. However, if you have the approved site IP feature enabled, and the employee clocked in/out offsite, they will receive an email notification that’ll say what IP address they are clocking in.
  • Approved Site IP Address
    • This feature lets you add your office IP address on your PayrollHero account. This feature should prevent your employees to clock in/out outsite the office IP (offsite). If they try to clock in and out offsite, they will receive an offsite email notification.5
      • If the employee is set up to allow clock offsite, this lets them clock in and out outside of the IP address. (See screenshot below)
    • The Approved Site IP address is currently only for the MyClock.
  •  Worksites
    • If a company uses the TeamClock and they selected a worksite, the system uses the worksite to know where the employee clocked in and out.
    • If a company uses TeamClock in different locations, and an employee clocks in from location A and clocks out at location B, their worksite should look something like this:
  • MyClock (Web) does not currently track worksites but if you have set up an IP address to a specific location, you will know if an employee has clocked in or not on the correct worksite.
  • You can also use PayrollHero’s Attendance HipChat Integration to track worksites and geolocations on any iOS devices.
  • You can export the Default worksite location on the Payroll Register
  • You can use the “Worksite Scheduling Report” to tell how many people are scheduled to work in each worksite in a given time period.
  • Add Worksites (location) to an Employee’s Schedule?
Feel free to email if you have any questions.



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