Where Do I See the IP Address of the Employee’s Clock in and Out?

You can view the employee’s clock in/out IP address by following these instructions:

  • Login to your PayrollHero account
  • – FYI : You must have access admin access to view the employee profile
  • Click on the “Employees” tab
  • Click on the “Employee List”
  • Click on the name of the employee to view the Employee Profile
  • Click on the Review page under Roll Call and click on a specific day. See screenshot below:-name=Review___PayrollHero_Demo___PayrollHero-2
  • Click on “Edit” or “Details”-name=Review___Osiris_Solutions_Sdn_Bhd___PayrollHero
  • And that’s where you’ll see the following items:
  • – Clock in and out time
  • – Specific day and time of the clock in/out data
  • – IP Address
  • – Webcam photos
  • See screenshot below:-name=2013-07-05___PayrollHero_Demo___PayrollHero

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