What does the Icons mean on the Attendance Infraction Reasons on the TeamClock iOS App?

For TeamClock iOS users, you’ll be asked to provide a reason by selecting on the icons provided if there’s an Attendance Infraction when you’ll clock in/out.

Clock In Early Infraction Icons:

  • First icon (Manager): Manager asked me to work extra time
  • Second icon (Clock): Started work early
  • Third icon (Bubble): Other



Clock In Late Infraction Icons:

  • First Icon (Clock):  Forgot to clock in
  • Second Icon (Orange Traffic Cone): Traffic/Car trouble
  • Third Icon (Zzz): Overslept
  • Fourth Icon (Notepad with Cross): Sick
  • Fifth Icon (Bubble): Other



Clock Out Early Infraction Icons:

  • First Icon (Notepad with Cross): Sick
  • Second Icon (Running): Emergency
  • Third Icon (Bubble): Other



Clock Out Late Infraction Icons

  • First Icon (Manager): Manager asked me to work extra time
  • Second Icon (Clock): Forgot to clock out
  • Third Icon (Bubble): – Other



Now you understand what these Icons for Attendance Infraction Reasons mean, make sure to use the appropriate icon when asked by the system to provide a reason for your Attendance Infraction.

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on our requests page at support@payrollhero.com – we’d be happy to help.

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