Multi Insert Tool: Overview

The multi insert tool is the recommended way for mass create/update details, schedules, etc. on PayrollHero system.  It is the most time efficient way, and we recommend using this when you need to create/update for a number of employees. The system automatically generates a bespoke template for you to complete.  It is designed specifically for your company and its settings.

There are several options you can use on the Multi Insert Tool:

1. Employee Create

  • Used to create new employees to be added on your account

2. Employee Enrollment Update

  • Used to mass update bank enrollments of your employees

3, Employee Profile Update

  • Used to update the details of your Active employees

4. Previous Employer Details

  • Used to update the previous Employer details of your Active employees

5. Payment Create

  • Used to create and add specific payments for Active employees

6. Schedule Update

  • Used to assign schedules for your Active employees on a specific date/s

7. BIR Update

  • Used to mass update your Active employees’ BIR Enrollments


To further understand each option, you can click each item to directly go their Knowledge Base Article. For questions & suggestions, feel free to message us at

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