How to Search for Active Employees?

Here’s a faster and easier way to search for a specific employee.


1. Click on Employees.



2. You’ll see a Search Tab beside the Add new Employee Button.

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3. Type in the name of the employee (Full name, Nickname or Surname) until the exact name matches the results that will appear below.

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4. Click on the name and the page will load the employee’s profile.


You can also use the Search Bar under the Add New Employee Button.

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Here’s how:

1. Search for employees by nickname, employee number, phone number or name (First/Last Name). Make sure that the you type in the appropriate search keyword for positive results.


2. Click Search beside the Search bar.

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3. Click on the employee’s name that matches your query.

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That concludes the ‘How to Search for Active Employees’ article. You should now be able to search for active employees, confidently.

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