How to Resolve Attedance for a Flex Scheduled Employee

Flex scheduled employees are employees who do not follow a schedule and are just required to work at a minimum worked hours per day.

If an employee’s flexible hours include unpaid breaks, a regular shift must be set up in order for an employee to be deducted for breaks, regardless of what time he clocks in and clocks out.


Here’s how to resolve attendance for flex scheduled employees:

1. On the attendance page, look on to the clock in and clock out time. You’ll also see the total hours worked on that day.1

2. Resolve the attendance by overriding the time if the employee’s status is Missing Clock in or Missing Clock out.

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3. Resolve the attendance “That’s okay, submit as is” for In Early, Out early, In Late or Out Late.

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4. If an employee’s status shows Undertime, it means that the employee worked less than 8 hours. If the employee works less than the required hours based on the clock in and clock out minus the break. If you’ll select submit as is, the Overtime or Undertime will be included when you generate the payroll and the attendance report.

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