Resolving Attendance for Employees on Leave During a Holiday

Employees who normally work on a public holiday will sometimes request to take the day off. In these cases, you have three options for how to resolve their attendance on that specific holiday.

In this article we will show you the three ways to resolve their attendance, and each option will link to the appropriate Knowledge Base Article.

Tip: Resolving this attendance correctly will ensure that these employees are not over compensated, and will also ensure that they are compensated based on your defined Day Types.

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Options for resolving attendance on holidays

Let’s set up a scenario:

Harry is scheduled to work on Christmas Day. According to your company an employee who works on a public holiday will be paid 200% of their daily/hourly rate; and if they do not work on a public holiday, they are still entitled to 100% payment for that day.

There are three ways to solve this:

Admin, HR and the employee will see their PayrollHero schedule still showing up on their accounts.

That concludes this article, hopefully you now have everything you need to resolve attendance for an employee on leave during a holiday.

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