Pre-Payroll Generation Checklist

Everyone finds doing payroll tedious and dull. PayrollHero aims to relieve this by automating the whole process. But it isn’t doing anything magical, it does require certain information from you before it can do all its calculations. Here is a checklist of the things our system needs from you before it can generate your payroll.

For each employee, ensure they have:

  • an Employee Type (Rank and File, Manager)
  • an Employee Position (Technician, Accountant etc)
  • a Pay Mode (Hourly, Monthly, Salary)
  • Employee Compensation set up (This is normally administered through Employee Position)
  • all their Enrollments (BIR, SSS, PagiBig, PhilHealth, 13th Month etc)
    • Make sure that the BIR exemption code is updated under the BIR enrollment.
  • Their regular Payments (How the above deductions are calculated)
  • And the Payment Method has been selected (Cash, Cheque or Electronic)

Next the Attendance needs to be resolved and “Published to Payroll”; this will take the hours worked and perform the calculations based on the above information (At the time the payroll was generated)

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